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Image of dive bar with band playing


The Soulstice Band

Members of the Soulstice Band have played in a number of incarnations over the past 20 years. They started out as a house band at a local church. But member have also played in other valley bands together off and on including Time and Time Again, Just Foolin' Around, and The Manufactured Crisis. The band got together in its current incarnation about 12 years ago, busking in Downtown Phoenix. The police showed up soon after and chased them away, telling them to practice more.  Twelve years and 3 practice sessions later, here they are! They have played for MLB Spring Training, and the Arizona Science and Technology Festival, but are most well known as a party band, gigging at private events and dive bars. At a Soulstice event, the band members work with the venue to create an atmosphere of energy and audience participation. You've never had fun unless you've been to a funeral reception thrown by the Soulstice Band. The band is currently working on a studio set, mixing original pieces with covers of classic rock, country, soul, and jazz tunes. Look for the recordings to be out in Spring, 2023.

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