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Alison Cantley

Wherever we play, guests say, "Who is that girl with the beautiful voice?" We say, "Alison Cantley. Our best asset." Alison sings and plays acoustic and electric guitar. Her vocals are a lovely blend of airy, sweet country, and dirty, growly blues. She started playing guitar at age 16, attracting the attention of veteran guitar player, Phil Perry. Alison very quickly graduated to performing solo gigs, making rock, pop, and country covers her own, as well as posting on YouTube and social media.

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Alison's Story

Alison Cantley is a vocalist with incredible range. She is comfortable with down-home blues as well as lighter pop and country. But where her voice really shines is in Southern Soul. Her version of the Sam Cooke classic, Bring it on Home to Me, is our most watched video, with over 100 comments remarking "her voice is beautiful." She has been with The Soulstice Band from its inception, introducing the band to newer artists, musical fusion, and women's voices. 

When not playing music, Alison is a biologist. She lives in Phoenix with her fiancee, Rick.


I am open for all kinds of gigs. Send me a note so we can connect.


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